The wolf is a beautiful animal, and in its domestication, since Neolithic times, man has found his most faithful companion, the dog.

For this reason the wolf has many meanings, since the Neolithic, both spiritual and mythological, especially in the West. The wolf represents many things, especially the fear for the unknown, being the symbol of the European forest, which struck terror into the night to villagers.

It is therefore the symbol of darkness and spirits, since arriving in Norway, to be a symbol of the residence of the gods.

The wolf, or rather the she-wolf, is also the symbol of Rome, and the Romans gave to this animal is highly symbolic, as an animal considered sacred to Mars, the god of war, and above all, according to legend, father of Romulus, first king of the city.

But the wolf has great significance also in North America, where the shamans considered him a wise teacher. The wolf is heavily tattooed in the West, because a symbol of ferocity, a very cunning animal but also loyal, sociable, given the ability to live in packs, as well as brave and loyal to his fellow men.

The chest, or biceps, are perhaps the best places to get a tattoo wolf, or legs, especially the calf.

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