The dolphin is one of the cutest animals that we are, together with the pandas, and is much admired not only for its cheerful and playful spirit, but also for his great intelligence and friendship with the human being. There are in fact much rescue by dolphins in incidents at sea. They love contact with humans, with whom also perform in aquariums. For the ancient Greeks, these manifestations of friendship towards the man depended on the fact that the dolphins were repentant pirates, transformed into animals by the gods as punishment for their actions.

For their courageous gestures and friendly at sea, during shipwrecks, dolphins are therefore a symbol of protection and salvation, a kind of guardian angel of the sailors, the travel companion at sea. The dolphins, in the symbolism of tattoos, thus reflecting their attitudes to life, and then take up those meanings so important for the sailors of yesteryear. Today they are the girls to appreciate more tattoos that have the dolphins as subject, especially on the shoulder and ankle. Their playful mood make it a symbol of joy and vitality, after the stormy periods, but their intelligence also make it a symbol of wisdom and prudence.

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