Dreamcatcher is a traditional instrument of North America, and in particular of indigenous peoples. The dreamcatcher was specially built by the Lakota and Cheyenne, and given as a gift to all newborns, in raw form, so that everyone could then decorate it to your liking.

Its meaning was very important for the Native Americans, since the instrument was intended to capture the good dreams and keep the bad ones away from the person. It was a circle made of wood, elastic, in which was woven a rope net, which served precisely to capture the dreams and hold them with beads and feathers. The circle represented the cycle of life, very important for all people who believe in the circularity of the universe. This circle had to keep out the bad dreams, and thus protect its owner. From this function, the Western world has also trivialized the meaning of the Dreamcatcher to a mere good luck charm, to give no knowledge of the facts, such as that of having to accompany its owner from birth. Only in this way the dreamcatcher is a magical tool. Those who decide to tattoo it must take these meanings in mind. The best place is the back or the left side, that have the necessary space for a large tattoo, or the shoulder blade.

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