The axe is a very ancient instrument, among the first weapons and the first tools used by man. All men, since ancient times, possessed an axe, for hunting, for self-defense and for woodworking. Today, with heating from fossil fuels, new materials and new ways of producing them, and new weapons, the axe has lost that very important function it once had, when there were even the carpenters who built the ships. The axe was one of the main weapons for war and therefore also a symbol for the fighters warriors.

In particular was dear to the Nordic peoples, who had made it a symbol of pride in the patriarchal society, that even attributed divine properties, because the axe was also the weapon of the thunder god Thor, the father of the gods to the ancient Scandinavians.

These features have been transferred to the tattoo to symbolize not only the courage, but also the defence of the community and the family, fatigue and strength, but also the ardour and sacrifice.

Tattooing an axe must reflect these characteristics of strong person, ready to battle for his defence, willing to sacrifice themselves. A strong, tough person who fears nothing, not even death.

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