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sailing ships

The sailing ship

The sailing ship is one of the oldest symbols for the world of tattoos, which on the other hand was born between the sailors and the jailbirds, two social classes that often joined in one body, with many felons, or volunteers, in the Merchant Navy of the past centuries.

The sailing ship is therefore a tattoo of so many meanings, ancient but always very requested, with different styles, starting from Old School, which first represented them, up to the realistic and figurative art of tattoos.

Just from the past, the meanings of the sailing ship tattoos come to us, which for the sailors represented the work, home and safety. But even the voyage that the sailors took in the past centuries in the gloomy oceans gave them the meanings of courage, willpower and challenges in critical situations. The sailing ship is therefore symbolically a male symbol, but at the same time it has become an icon for girls who are increasingly brave and protagonists of social life.

The points where tattooing the sailboat must be necessarily spacious, because they are usually large and full of tattoos. Then they prefer their shoulders and arms, but the breasts and thighs are particularly well suited for this tattoo.

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