We will talk primarily of the nape area and, later, the part behind the ears.

The first important distinction that we have to do is like that. Although many parts of the body are unisex so both men and women choose for their tattoos, we noted that the neck is almost always chosen by women and very rarely by men. Although this may seem very visible, women can easily cover it through their long hair. It will only be observed if the hair will be in a braid, but if it will loose the tattoo will remain covered.

The most common designs are from the bar code, dates, names, or small objects. Obviously it is an area that does not allow very large designs.

As for tattoos behind the ears, they are increasingly preferred by women, as was the case with the ones mentioned before. Furthermore, here also the size can not be too large, given that the space and the skin surface are reduced. The main advantage derives from the fact of being a little visible area, in fact can be hidden especially in the case where the woman has enough of the long hair.

There are the most common designs of the other, given that in this area it is usual to innovate and create more and more of the original and creative compositions. Another advice I want to give you is to choose a tattoo artist with experience, since it will be a small design, but very detailed, so we should hire someone who can draw very fine and precise lines.

So with what has been said so far, if a person wants to get a tattoo small but refined, is the area of the neck is the one behind the ears can be good choices. The composition that we want to do, especially for the area behind the ears, must be very small. As regards the area of the neck there is not a precise rule on the color, in fact you can get quite good results both with only the black both with other shades, the opposite is the case for the area of the ears, given that the design must be very small, I suggest you choose some bright colors, so that the tattoo will not be mistaken for the “dirty.”

Women love these types of tattoos on the neck, especially designs that are small with phrases or texts with important meanings for them.

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