MARIO BARTH master of tattoos over 200 awards and winner world records

Mario Barth
mario barth
Mario Barth

 Mario Barth

 Starlight Tattoo



Barth King Ink Las Vegas

Mario Barth: Three decades of tattooing and more than 200 awards. He’s one of the most famous tattooers in the world. 

Mario Barth started his career as a teeneger in Austria, the tattoos were illegals in that period. His efforts as a vocal advocate of the art led to the legalization of the industry in Austria in 1987. He opened the first legal tattooing studio in the country in 1989 and than the Starlight Tattoo, nominated “One of the best studio in the worldwide”. Today Barth is the owner of five tattoo shops. He also sells t-shirt, and hoodies with a unique style MarioBarthStore.

Before Mario, the tattooers were working with just primary colors and it was hard to replicate a mix of colors, especially when they had to finish a tattoo that requires more sessions. Mario found a solution, he introduced a 19 Tattoo Ink Color Set to the market.

He was the first to introduce an Artist Tattoo Ink set and to establish an official worldwide certified supplier network for tattoo ink.  Barth is the creator of the sterile single use product INTENZE TattooInk. The INTENZE Academy offers the possibility to the tattooers to take part to the seminars. Mario is also the first to establish an official tattoo artist sponsorship program.

 The Tattoo Dictionary

He revolutionized the ink world, and the job of every tattooers:                                                                                                                                                              Mario Barth 1

Barth developed a platform to share the great work of celebrated tattoo artists around the world. Before this happening, artists didn’t  share their knowledge, only had the opportunity to learn from one person as an apprentice. There weren’t education, training, or documents.

In 2007, Barth is been a consultant for Hackensack Cosmetic Surgeons for reconstructive micropigmentation on cancer patients. He created special inks to use in reconstructive surgery to get a more natural dermal appearance after major operations.

Mario has been accepted into some of the most rare tattoo families in the world. He has a full tebori back piece by Horitoshi1, considered the Holy Grail of tattoos.

He is the winner of more than 200 awards: Best Tattooist, Best Color Tattoo, Best Black & Grey Tattoo, Best Portrait, Best New Style, Best Freehand Artist, Best Backpiece, Best Overall.. and many more!!

mario barthHis clientele boasts names as Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Sylvester Stallone, Avril Lavigne, Jason Derulo, Pamela Anderson, Steven Tyler and many others!..

Mario Barth is a very busy artist and business man. So if you would like to get an experience of a new tattoo made by him, you need to wait at least 18 months!

Barth also hosts some conventions where almost 40.000 peoples partecipate such as the best tattooers and celebrities. The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth  (2009) set the Guinness World Record for the largest tattoo convention in history.

Barth Mask

Mario Barth Tattoo

Mario Barth kid

Koi Fish Barth

Sylvester Stallone tattoo 1

Frog Mario Barth

Phoenix Barth


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