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Jessica Svartvit


 Jessica Svartvit

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(Jessica Svartvit – BlackandGray, DotWork and Graphic)

Jessica Svartvit is a  young German artist of tattoo that started her career during the 2014 and although is not long time that she’s doing this job, she knew  immediately how to differentiate her artworks from the others tattooers also because of her New School Style tattoos. She uses geometric shapes, with an addition of dotwork and the thick black lines.

 Inked: The World’s Most Impressive, Unique and Innovative Tattoos

She use a mix of differents techniques to get one unique way of tattooing and many of these works are inspired from mandala style. Attention for small details, the simples but graphics lines, the choice of the colors that gives a gentle touch and the perfect harmony of the set make everything feel like if a new trend it’s coming. So if you are looking for a different kind of tattoo and you’re appassionate about mandalas, you might considerate to get one tattoo like this one.  Actually she’s working in Rabauke Tattoos and Arts (Germany), wich has a very good rating  and she participates at many events, one of them it was at the Brighton Tattoo Convention (u.k. December 2016). 


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