Ink for the tattoo artists in pink – “The other side of the ink”

The other side of the ink

The other side of the ink

"A tattoo is not just a drawing. A tattoo artist is like a confessor. He writes the story of a man on his body. "The phrase comes from "Siberian Education" by Nicolai Lilin, encloses the tattoo philosophy, a phenomenon that today we tend to associate with fashion, but that boasts ancient traditions and a wide culture. Even in the feminine. it is to celebrate the art of ink in pink (although black uber alles domains), which opened the fifth edition of "the other side of the ink." the location is the same the years passed, the Sheraton Hotel in Rome, on 10th March. The concept, idem. The protagonists of the weekend were 150 tattooers, the best internationally. A date close 8th March to celebrate the rise of women, armed with machine, contribute to semiotics of millions of people's skin. To be precise, 12.8% of Italians, according to ISTAT figures 2016. Among the guests, established as a Roman Emanuela Fociani, Livia Nati and Giorgia the Luca, Deborah Visco - author of the poster which depicts the back of the Pauline Bonaparte by Canova with a colorful dragon tattooed - the Argentinean Julieta Garcia, the Russian Navy Avtonomova and many others. Different styles, from realistic Cecilia Paganelli, until the tattoo by Dalila only black (also fiancée of the winner of Sanremo 2017 Francesco Gabbani). There are plenty of shows - from the pole dance to juggling - and exhibits.The other side of the ink

"The first edition was disputed by the same tattooers - explains the creator Paolo Core, also organizer of the International Tattoo Expo in Rome - they found it in a discriminatory way. But soon they realized that it is not so". And therefore "The other of the ink": "The idea of ​​a convention" 'prohibited to tattooists men' - continues Core - comes from the observation that often, in the convention, the tattooers women, albeit talented, are all shadow of their male colleagues.”

So it was for the first tattoo artist of which we know the name, the US Maud Wagner, lived in the early twentieth century: said of her that it was only responsible for finishing the work of husband, Gus, even though she had developed a superior to his technique. "The other side of the ink" - to go home with a new tattoo, given the large number of requests, we have had to get in line armed with a lot of patience. And also this is a woman.

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