The fashion of the watercolor tattoos

Small personal watercolors to carry on your body for life (or almost): are the watercolor tattoos!

Even among the tattoos there are trends: what about the infinity symbol that is so fashionable now? Or the eternal butterfly on the shoulder?

Among the latest fashions, there is certainly not easy from a technical and grandiose effect: the watercolor tattoos or watercolor effect.

Watercolor tattoos

Watercolors, which seemed relegated to the walls of the house to the sea, are back in fashion and have moved… on the skin. It arrives in Italy the fashion of watercolor touch or better tattoo watercolor effect.

In fact in Italy it is still rather hard to find tattoo artists who practice this technique, because of the difficulty of creation: they are not impossible to find, but often have to move several kilometers and a long wait.

These are complex works that need a meticulous and detailed and an impressive artistic training.

Choose to get a tattoo with this technique is quite challenging, not only for the hours of work and expense, but because you really get something that does not go unnoticed, something original and unique that you can not, nor want, to hide.

Some tattoo artists who practice the watercolor effect

Ondrash is a famous tattoo artist for this technique: he lives in a village in the Czech Republic and tattooing a person a day so as to enable them to devote completely. Each person is told and leaves a piece of history: in return leaves with a masterpiece on the skin (and several euro less). The waiting list is very long, if we’re doing a little thought.

Amanda Wachob is an artist in New York with a classical training behind. Creates abstract works which sells in his gallery, as well as watercolor tattoos with bright colors, small irreproducible masterpieces and stopped forever on a human skin. Here too, the waiting list is endless.

Another impressive artist is Jan Mraz, who lives and works in Prague and creates designs and amazing tattoos, halfway between uses watercolors and abstract art of Paul Klee, among hearts sketched and animals in technicolor.

Another very particular style is that of Paul Talbot, which combines watercolor style to that of the “collage”: his works seem glued newspaper clippings on the skin, the precision is thousandth typographical style.

Among the italians, mention to Mirco Campioni, considered among the best in the world, you can be found in Bologna with its load of color styling and details.

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