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fox tattoos

Fox tattoos

The fox is an animal often a protagonist of tattoos for both, men and women, and as we can guess, the main meaning that is attributed to it is cunning. The popular belief has attributed this name to the fox, which is a bitter and witty animal, able to move with particular ease even in environments considered by other very dangerous.

This is not the only meaning of the animal, because the fox is tendentiously very peaceful and only in rare cases moves with bad intentions. Tattoos are also very often attributed to the meaning of wisdom. However, we must not only give it the meaning of cunning because it would be a mistake, and would diminish the importance of the fox including the feelings a tattoo is able to give.

In Europe, the fox symbolizes cunning and the red color of its mantle reminds the mind of sexual strength. In ancient Rome, however, he was regarded as avid and sinful and known to be an abstinent thief of grapes. In Asia, particularly in Japan, this animal symbolizes spirituality, while in Korea it has a malignant meaning, which recalls the nine-tailed fox capable of living up to 1,000 years.

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