The elephant tattoo is not very popular among the ink lovers, yet its symbolism seems to be very interesting.

This is the largest land mammal, with a behavior very special also due to its great size, which boasts nearly 4 meters tall and 6 tons of weight. A real king, but peaceful and herbivorous, with a very long life, up to 70 years, making it a symbol of wisdom and guidance for all the animals of the forest. If the lion is the king of animals, the elephant can be considered, rightly, a chief and leader, protector of forests and historical memory of nature, with large capacity mnemonic that makes him remember everything, so much so that the saying “Memory of elephant “is more than true.

Most fashion tattoos about the elephant, are those of cute puppies, or those stylized. This is because it tends to give this animal a sense of tenderness, rather than of strength. So here the awkwardness, due to elephant size, door meanings of sweetness and tenderness, but also of great love, also saw the great maternal instinct and familiar of these large pachyderms, meeting families.

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