Dreamcatcher tattoo gallery

Among the various drawings that can be made for body art, it seems to be very fashionable in both men and women the Dreamcatcher, which reminds a lot of meanings. To understand the meaning of this symbol, it is important to remember that this object was a thick instrument that was associated with the Cheyenne and Lakota tribes. The tribes had a special version, made of a central element characterized by the presence of feathers and beads, which could vary according to the role the object was supposed to accomplish. With the passing of time also in our culture at the catching-up has been given meaning. With the invasion of American territories, in fact, it represented an object that aimed to divert disturbing dreams or that did not help the spiritual growth of those who possessed it. That is why the particular network structure at the center was used to capture negative thoughts and dreams. In our culture the meaning replicates exactly the original or best known. Currently, people who decide to tattoo this object are always growing, and you can admire drawings accompanied by flowers, for example, or made with a unique one that makes a simple amulet a true artistic representation.

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