Apparently, the latest research, have focused on the link between smoking and tattoos. The question has been post by a team of Italian researchers who published their study in the Archives of Dermatology, a journal known throughout the world.

It appears from the results, who is smoker finds it difficult to remove, if they would, their tattoos. Indeed, the research says that for smokers, the tattoo is impossible to erase.

Smokers who try to remove their tattoos, with any of the technologies available today, it seems that will have disastrous results. Or the tattoo will not be deleted, or leave many traces, with considerable discomfort.

To say it is the Istituto di chirurgia e laser-chirurgia in dermatologia (Institute of Surgery and laser surgery in dermatology ICLID) of Milan, with research conducted “on the skin” of 350 patients who had asked to remove their tattoo.

The removal of tattoos is already a difficult operation in any case, particularly for some colors like green, yellow and blue. The bigger is the tattoo, more the removal will be difficult, and for smokers even more. This is because, with the laser, the colors are crushed before being removed by macrophages, the “biological scavengers” in the body, who however, for smokers, fail to eliminate all toxins, often leaving stains.

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