The coyote is a canid, which has a large diffusion in central and northern America, a “companion” of all the farmers who have to cope with their transition into the fields, where usually build their nests. The coyote is a close relative, and then like, the gray wolf, but probably oldest.

Among the American Indians the coyote is a sacred animal, and represented in the famous totems. For “Indian” the coyote is the cunning and craftiness. But it is also a symbol of opportunism, due to its way of hunting, and of insolence, being a brave and independent canid.

A coyote tattoo can represent all of this, and in particular lightness to face life, but also creativity and chaos. The latter two meanings can be attributed precisely to the culture of the Indians of America, which in their totem wanted to indicate just that.

Who gets a tattoo representing a coyote wants to live day by day, maybe trying by ruse to draw benefits without great effort. You can choose tattoos so this following various meanings, like those attributed to “Indians”, or attributing the sympathetic role of slackers.

There are many styles that can be chosen, the important thing is that your coyote is not confused with the wolf by the observers.

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