33 tattoos on the triangle: what this symbol means

triangle tattoo

Among the most sought-after tattoos, there is surely the triangle, a very ancient symbol with deep meanings. In addition, this subject offers the possibility of very beautiful stylized tattoos, even of small size, and thus placed in multiple parts of the body with more choice. Then the triangles are not just black and white, and can be colored, even with the watercolor technique. The design can also be articulated, refined, albeit simple.

The meaning of the triangle then is very important, and it focuses everything in a triple symbol, as is clearly a triangle, with three sides and three angles. One meaning is that of the sky, earth and man, the triangle of the universe, in a clearly ancient and archaic scheme.

But the position with which a triangle is drawn can also change the meanings. With the upward angle, the meaning is masculine, that is, flame and heat, with the bottom down, the symbol becomes feminine: water, cold and body.

You can also place a circle inside the triangle, to give meaning to eternity to the symbol, but all religions around the world dedicate to the triangle many meanings, naturally all dedicated to the union, or contrast, of three elements.

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