30 female tattoos with birds – photo gallery

birds tattoo

Birds are a very varied animal class, and therefore choosing a bird as the subject of their own tattoo can take on a great deal of significance. Birds can be tender and cute, like sparrows, or terribly and macabre, like vultures, and sometimes even murderers, as in the famous Hitchcock movie. So, depending on the type of bird we choose, we will express a different part of our personality.

In this gallery, however, we wanted to dwell on those chosen by the female world, generally belonging to the “cute” and “small” category. The girls prefer tattooing sparrows, or swallows, sometimes some night birds like the owl, but much more often the small colorful birds, such as hummingbirds, are preferred, while strangely almost absent parrots.

The general meaning of a bird, however, is framed in the representations of the soul and freedom, thanks to the peculiarity of being able to fly, but meditation can also be symbolized with a bird, as in the case of the owl. Great birds of prey are instead a symbol of courage and strength, as well as mood, while the pigeon is a positive symbol, a bearer of good news because used in the past for messages. Sparrow is a symbol of fertility, while swallow, love.

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